Park, WooChan

Woo-Chan Park was born on 1 May, 1970, in Korea.
He received the BS, MS, and PhD degree in computer science from Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea, in 1993, 1995, and 2000 respectively.
He is currently professor at Sejong University.
His research interests include 3D rendering processor architecture,
ray tracing accelerator, parallel rendering, high performance computer architecture, computer arithmetic, and ASIC design.

Full-time Researcher


Ph.D Student

Lee, Joohong

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Research Interest : Graphics Hardware

Lee, Jinyoung

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Research interest: Deep learning

Kim, Eunjae

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Research interest: Game Engine, Sound  Tracing


MS Student

Choi, Sukwon

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Research interest: Artificial Intelligence


Kim, Jiyoung

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Research interest: Computer graphics

Han, Yunho


Research interest: 3D Graphics



Yoon, Dukki

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Kim, Kyungsoo

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Lee, Kyungho

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Lee, Jooho ng

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Seo, Youngduke

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Kim, Woohyun

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Kim, Donghwan

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Kim, Dongseok

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Jang, Jihye

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Research interest : 3D Graphics, CUDA

Oh, Duyeon

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Research interest : 3D Graphics

Kwon, Hyuckjoo

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Research interest : Ray Tracing,
   Acceleration Structure Construction, 
  Displacement Mapping, Soft Shadow

Lee, Seyoung

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Research interest : Linear Program

Lee, Jasin

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Research interest : Texture Compression

Hong, Dukki

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Research interest : Acceleration Structure, Collision Detection

Joo, Yejong

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Research interest: Graphics Hardware

Hwang, Imjae

Research interest : Raytracing Global Illumination Image Compression Linear Programming 

Choi, Jaewan

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Research interest: Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality

Yun, Juwon

Research interest : 3D Game Engine, CUDA